Monday, November 12, 2012

Kindergarten Matisse Projects!

The Kindergarten students have been looking at Matisse art-work for the last couple weeks.  We learned the word "mimic" and copied shapes that Matisse used in his art-work.

After drawing the Matisse mimics we worked on emulating the cut paper work by Matisse.  Together, the Kindergarten classes made large scale art-work.  The students did a great job with their shapes and learned how impressive their art-work can be when they collaborate!

Fall Trees

1st grade Fall Trees, made with construction paper.

Gustav Klimt

The second graders looked at a painting by Gustav Klimt and then emulated his style in their own painting.

My Many Colored Days

The 3rd grade students read Dr. Seuss' book "My Many Colored Days" and then created a painting in the same style as the illustrations.
Each painting depicts the many different emotions we have through color.

4th-6th grade self portraits

The 4th through 6th grade students have been working on proportional drawing, and have just finished their self portraits!