Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reflecting on Our Work

Several weeks ago, 2nd grade students used an "Art Sandwich" as a tool to critique and complement another student's collage illustration.
They paired up in class and gave each other two complements and a suggestion for improvement.  

Compliments are the carbs that keep us working and fuel our efforts, and suggestions are the protein that help us grow as artists and citizens and give us energy over the long haul.

It was very important for students to understand that saying "I like it" or "I think it's good" is a nice thing to say, but does not help the artist understand what about the art piece is strong, and should be tried again.

A special thanks to Ms. Kitty, the art teacher at Ravenswood for inventing and sharing the Art Sandwich with me, and so many other things, while I was student teaching! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3-Day Portrait Sculpture Challenge

Students in grades 7-8 learned about busts and portraits as an introduction to sculpture and clay.
The first day they learned how to create the generalized proportions of the human face. 
Next, they each received a photograph of a famous person, and embraced the challenge of recreating that famous face to the best of their ability in clay. 

Students had to observe the famous faces closely, and notice all of the small things that makes each face unique.

Both myself and many of the students were impressed by the clay portraits they made in only 3 class periods.  Many of the students had never sculpted with clay before.

Two "Rosa Parks" by one 7th and one 8th grader

Pablo Picasso- amazing job by Jerry.