Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pinwheels Are Installed in Honor of Peace Day

Some upper grade helpers assemble... you guessed it... more pinwheels, outside last Tuesday.

After assembling the pinwheels together in the art studio with student and parent volunteers, pinwheels were dispersed to each classroom.   

Classroom teachers took their students outside last Tuesday and worked together to create installations with the pinwheels. 

Instead of the students planting their own pinwheels and wishes for peace, each class was given another group's work, in order to plant other students' wishes for peace. 

Every class decided on their own formation in the ground, ranging from peace signs to room numbers. 

Many people visited the pinwheels on Tuesday and Wednesday and took a walk through the installation. 

By Friday afternoon, our art in honor of the International Day of Peace was de-installed.  

All of the students wishes for peace on pinwheels were recycled. 
Who knows... they may become the paper plates you eat on next month!

Some pinwheels even ended up in the trees!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Pinwheels for Peace Process!

In art class all last week, Kindergarten through 4rth graders, brainstormed as a group, what makes them feel peaceful.  First, we defined the words peace and peaceful, and then we thought about occasions and activities that make us feel relaxed and happy at the same time.  There were some expected and some not so expected answers!  This is a kindergarten brainstorm.

3rd and 4rth grade classes also brainstormed what would make the world a more peaceful place.  Here is an example from the students of room 202.

Next students drew images for both sides of the pinwheel paper, that illustrated either what makes them feel peaceful or what would make the world a more peaceful place. 
This student drew riding your bike to visit friends.

Students in kindergarten agreed that eating ice cream makes them feel peaceful. I had to admit that I feel the same way.  Eric in Ms. Murphy's class created this fabulous illustration of ice cream.

If only I had time to record all of what was being drawn, but unfortunately, I was only able to write down a few of the narratives as I went around the room.  The students' answers made a lot of sense!

Next we were lucky to get some students and parents involved after school, and together we assembled the pinwheels.  We are making "pin-less pinwheels" which involve pipe cleaners, pony beads, and a colored pencil.
And viola!
Each child's drawing for peace becomes a Pinweel for Peace 
(insert trademark symbol here!) ;)

Stay tuned for more pictures of the pinwheel installation and a few more pictures of the process!