Sunday, August 26, 2012

Learning to Mix Secondary Colors as a Team!

Students in Grades K-1 created a final project in pairs where they learned how to mix secondary colors from primary colors.  At the same time they learned more about pattern and repetition. 

First, each student drew a shape of their choice on a piece of cardboard. Next, they cut out their shapes and then together, decided on a repeating pattern that they could make using those shapes.   They traced their shapes many times to achieve a pattern. 


Next, students painted their shapes using only primary colors.  Once the shapes were painted, they mixed the two primary colors they were given, together in the egg carton.  By doing this they created a secondary color! This was a pretty magical moment. 
The pairs then worked together to paint their secondary color in the background behind their shapes. 

As a final step, students were given all the primary colors, and could add other colors and shapes at will, in order to make their collective painting what they wanted it to be.