Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pinwheels Are Installed in Honor of Peace Day

Some upper grade helpers assemble... you guessed it... more pinwheels, outside last Tuesday.

After assembling the pinwheels together in the art studio with student and parent volunteers, pinwheels were dispersed to each classroom.   

Classroom teachers took their students outside last Tuesday and worked together to create installations with the pinwheels. 

Instead of the students planting their own pinwheels and wishes for peace, each class was given another group's work, in order to plant other students' wishes for peace. 

Every class decided on their own formation in the ground, ranging from peace signs to room numbers. 

Many people visited the pinwheels on Tuesday and Wednesday and took a walk through the installation. 

By Friday afternoon, our art in honor of the International Day of Peace was de-installed.  

All of the students wishes for peace on pinwheels were recycled. 
Who knows... they may become the paper plates you eat on next month!

Some pinwheels even ended up in the trees!

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  1. The process of creating and installing the installation is beautiful. Your narrative guides us through the experience and then the photos at the end of this post without text have a kind peacefulness that is very calming. Thanks for creating this wonderful community building experience.