Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Artist(s) of the Month

Beginning in November, we have a new tradition at Coonley school, where 1-4 students each month get to display the art they make on their own time (not in art class) on a bulletin board in the 1st floor hallway.  The idea is to showcase students who are actively practicing their drawing, painting and collaging outside of school, and to have other students admire and learn from their work.  I wish we could accommodate sculpture as well, but we only have this bulletin board for now.  

Dominik was the pioneer who paved the way with style! (November)

To become an artist of the month, students who are interested show me six pieces of art they have made, and if they are good quality, we decide on a month during the school year that will be theirs.  They also write an artist statement to accompany their work.
So far the artists have been Dominik in 5th and Lexi in 6th.   

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  1. Sofia can't wait until June when it is her turn to be one of the featured artists. Thank you for starting this new tradition at Coonley.