Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finishing Our Shadow Puppets

Students in the 3rd and 4th grades have now added color and details to their shadow puppets, making them enticing art objects as well as fabulous shadow play.  They chose either colored pencils, markers or both to bring their characters to life.  

A completed donkey puppet created by Alexander in 4th grade,  next to his original drawing and design.

Next, they joined each of their separately drawn and cut pieces together, using paper fasteners.  Next week, students will add the dowel rods to their puppets and begin rehearsing movements that tell the story of their folktale. 

A completed bird puppet by Alicia in 4th grade. 
Many of the puppets came out absolutely superb from the standpoint of successful engineering and design, as well as beauty and characterization. 
I will be posting more pictures of both the puppets and performances soon.

Here are links to some of the performances:  More to come!

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