Sunday, April 15, 2012

Envisioning a Public Sculpture


After making small sculptures, the students in grades K-1 were ready to learn about large public sculptures.  To do so, I introduced them to  the amazing feat and beauty of Watts Towers by reading this book.

They couldn't believe that one man spent 33 years building a gigantic series of sculptures in his backyard, all by himself!
Next, students were given a piece of paper that had a cut-out of a person to show a sense of scale. After sharing out some ideas for sculptures they might like to build in their own backyard or have in downtown Chicago, they then went to town designing a public sculpture. 
Below are some of the fabulous ideas our students envisioned.   
I was thrilled. 

If we do this again next year, I think we should mail in some of the drawings to the mayor, and suggest they adopt these proposals. 

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