Sunday, April 1, 2012

Setting up a Still Life

Students in grade 2 identified themes and genres of art, one of which is a still life.  We discussed why so many artists have drawn or painted still life over the years, and also defined what a still life is.   Students suggested that artists want to show off the objects they have, tell a story with objects, add beauty to the world, and practice their craft and skills with things that will stay still!

Next, students worked together in groups to set up a still life that they will draw from over the next two weeks.  After that, they will add some color with paint.  It was hard for some groups to compromise on where certain objects should be placed, but in the end, each group created a multi-level still life that looks interesting from all sides. 
Adding skulls (thank you Ms. Malhiot!) to the mix was especially fun.  

Students also were introduced to a viewfinder, as a kind of lens that helps artists decide what to include in their pictures. 

Stay tuned for the drawings and paintings...

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